I’m not in college anymore, but the end of the quarter feels an awful lot like finals week to me.  I feel like I have stayed up to do on my grading, but now there are report cards to fill out and comments to write and I’m feeling very overwhelmed.  I’m the first teacher to feel this way, am I?

PPT says - Not the only first year teacher, and probably some veteran teachers feel that way too.


The United States does not have a rape problem - it has a rape epidemic. A woman in the U.S. is raped every two minutes, 42 percent of victims are raped before they are 18 years old. 1 in 3 Native women report being raped, as do almost 19 percent of black women. 97 percent of rapists will never go to jail.

It’s our responsibility as journalists to ensure that we are covering stories of sexual assault with truthfulness, care, and in a way that does not make the country a safer place for rapists. We are not just media makers - we shape the culture as well. So let’s make it a culture that’s safer and more just for girls, women, and all survivors of sexual assault.